Have a Foundation Crack? Consult a Structural Engineer

When renting, buying or even selling a house it is important to make sure that it is safe to live in. There have been many cases where houses have collapsed and even killing the occupants in the process. Like all structures, before it collapses there must be tell-tale signs to show that it will. For this reason, it is necessary to conduct a structural inspection before moving into a new house.  Home inspectors only inspect the structure as a whole, from top to bottom. To perform a thorough inspection, you might consider hiring a structural engineer.

What does a structural engineer do?

Structural engineers do basement and foundation inspection. The engineer can let you know if you need foundation repair and how the repair should be done. They can tell how long your house is likely to remain standing and if there is any cause for concern. They provide reports after every inspection hence it is easy to keep records.

There are cases when a foundation contractor tells the homeowners that a house needs so much repair and they need to pay a lot for the repair. Foundation contractors in some places are not licensed hence one should be sceptical about this.You can hire a structural engineer to act as your watchdog. He/she will inspect and tell you how much foundation repair the house needs. Often times you will realize that the foundation contractor just wanted to trick you into paying him/her more money. Read more.

When should you contact a structural engineer?

Whenever you want to build or alter any physical structure or land feature in your home, you are advised to contact a structural engineer and let him/her take the lead in the project.

You can just make a call to a structural engineer to know if you need his/her services on a specific issue or not. Do not hire one just as soon as you see a slight problem because you might end up spending money even on a non-issue. Be sure to call a structural engineer whenever you have confusing information provided by the contractor.

How affordable are a structural engineer’s services?

Structural engineers are very affordable. Most are paid between $300 to $500 dollars per hourwhich is very fair considering the quality work they do and how much more you will save on hiring them than on building a new house after the one you are in collapses. Structural engineers should have professional engineering license to show that they are qualified.

Ensure, as the homeowner, that there are no cracks that go unnoticed in your house. Incase of a crack,measure it and measure it again after sometime to ensure it is not getting longer and deeper. In case it is, give a call to the structural engineer.


Your home is probably your most important asset. Always be on the look for any act of concern and keep the structural engineer’s number close. Your investment in a structural engineer might end up saving you millions of dollars. Learn more details at http://crosstownengineering.com/engineering-services/

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