Structural Engineer vs. Foundation Repair Company

Embarking on a foundation repair project appears like a scary and intimidating process for many homeowners. In any case, the foundation is the most vital structural element in the house. Its failure can interrupt the structure and everything within it. Though each property is unlike, you should be reassured to know that well-designed foundation repairs can be done with a high degree of success. The key to a successful foundation repair is to hire the right experts for the job. 

If foundation repairs fail, it is usually since the repair method didn’t effectively address all of the problems which led to the initial problem. Sometimes contractors give owners false hope with quick fix processes that don’t take the big picture into account. It is important that each foundation assessment and repair project begins with an assessment by a licensed structural engineer, as foundation settlement can be caused by a variety of contributing factors. Here are some key reasons why your foundation repair project should start with a structural engineer.Read more.

Structural Engineers Are Technically Trained

To become a licensed structural engineer, a person must receive a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, complete four years as a training engineer under the supervision of a licensed engineer, and pass a state-administered professional engineering exam. After two or more years in the field, the licensed physical education engineer is qualified to take the Structural Engineering Exam to obtain an additional license for special structures. This is a precise amount of technical and practical experience for which there is no substitute.

No Conflict of Interest Means That You Get the Correct Repair for the Job

Most contractors who specialize in foundation repair sell the products that they will use to finish the repair. This conflict of interest can affect the kind of repair they recommend for your house. An engineer’s job depends on your ability to offer a professional and unbiased opinion on the best repair for your individual problem. You can be sure that nothing you don’t need is being sold to you. An engineer is the professional consultant of a homeowner.

You Can Get a Construction Documents and Engineering Report

Construction documents made by a structural engineer are used by the contractor to complete the repair work and must obtain a construction permit as well. An engineering report will cautiously detail all structural damage found in the home and document the recommended repairs. An engineering report is generally required to complete real estate transactions as well as loans. The engineering report provides expert guidance on the best course of action to take. Therefore, you can make an informed decision. 

A Correctly Designed Repair Will Stand the Test of Time

You would hire an experienced qualified contractor working with the materials and methods necessary for that job. As a result, why would you hire a contractor to design a structural repair based on complex technical training? Engineers analyze buildings and design safe as well as permissible repairs that stand the test of time.

Proper base repair requires a team of experts to work together with the owner to get the best possible result. When the repair design is finished and allowed, the structural engineer can deliver the plans to the owner and contractor and will remain available for questions or changes during construction. Whether you don’t have a specific contractor in mind, the engineer can help you evaluate bids and choose the correct contractor for the job.

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